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Canary food "Sittichfutter"

In the shop window from the Gallery Frédéric Giroux in Paris, 2004

Material: 1 television set, 150gr canary food, DVD player

Canary food is a video installation, which was shown during a period of 2 weeks in the shop window of the gallery Frédéric Giroux in Paris. It is a video animation of a small bird, which jumps around on his swing. Apparently he is in the interior of a television set, which he can’t leave. Outside of the television set is a small heap of bird food. Within 2 weeks the bird looses more and more weight till he lies dead on the bottom of his multimedia cage, the dead bird is shown in this state for 3 days. The spectators can not touch neither the bird food, nor the bird and thereby they become helpless witnesses of this tragic death.

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