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A proposition by Muriel Collin Barrand as part of the “Detour project” 24h/24h, 2005

dimensions: 11,8m2 / variable to the space, material: 1 sheet DIN A 4 white paper, 30 black cotton strings, realisation time: 25h

It is a 3 dimensional installation, a sheet of paper in the DIN A 4 format is attached to the opposite wall to the Shop window from the Gallery Frédéric Giroux. 30 Strings of black cotton are drawn and find their way to the sheet and go for 21cm in parallel lines, before they re-merge into the space again. The strings describe curves, straight lines and figures. The strings are connected, they follow a pattern and they abandon it to find their own way. The lines on the sheet have become a detour: they are to guide us and to misguide us. The work was part of a performance by Amande In and Arnika.

Galerie Frédéric Giroux