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ENSBA, Paris

A fluttery girl, 2007

Animation, 1'56 min

Projection of a multi-media animation in the dark basements of the ENSBA, Paris.
Material: 1 DVD-player, 2 Speakers, 1 Video projector

We see the lower part of a woman's body (front side of the hips, upper legs) The background is black. The drawing is white. A horizontal white line cuts the upper legs. A black band covers the lower part of the screen. The woman is wearing a slip, which is decorated with a heart positioned on her vagina. From the beginning of the animation, there is a constant stream of white dotted lines coming from the bottom of the screen. The white dotted lines target the center of the heart. The stream stops after 1 minute.

Suddenly bats appear from the heart and fly towards the spectator, until they finally disappear from the screen. During the entirety of the projection we hear the ringing sound of small bells.